• Playa Negra north of Puerto Viejo
  • Playa Negra
  • Beach in Puerto Viejo
  • Beach in Puerto Viejo
  • Beach in Puerto Viejo
  • Playa Cocles south of Puerto Viejo
  • From Playa Cocles south of Puerto Viejo

Beaches in walking distance from Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo

Even though we had quite a few days of heavy rain in Puerto Viejo, we have also been busy hanging out on the beaches whenever sunny. Because this is what people do here, they relax and enjoy themselves at the beach. The Ticos are professionals, they go in the morning with a large cooler bag filled with food to sustain them during the whole day. Or they even bring the grill.

Anyway we have been trying out some beaches close by, all within walking distance.

The beach in town

The beach just next to town is often crowded during sunny weekends, it is also not very wide. But the accessibility and the beauty makes it a very nice spot to hang out. You will also be very close to bars, restaurants, shops and fruit vendors. The water is very calm and you can also snorkel there.

Playa Negra

Playa negra is a long wider beach with more busy waves. It has a bit more garbage than the town beach yet it has a lot of people since its spacious. The sand is black.

Playa Cocles

Just a 15 minute walk south of Puerto Viejo you will find a wide, long white beach called Playa Cocles. It is less crowded than both playa negra and the town beach. We went there a sunny Saturday morning and we were almost alone. The waves are quite strong so look out if there are any warning flags.

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