• Sunrise in Lunazul
  • Beach in Lunazul
  • Cabaña at Lunazul
  • Lighthouse in Mahahual
  • Taking a walk with our german neighbours
  • Sunrise in KabanHas
  • Breakfast, lunch or anytime!
  • KabanHa



Me, Carro and Erik did some serious relaxing i Mahahual, a small coastal town on a small peninsula. Mahahual has some tourism, especially a harbour with big luxury ferries stopping by almost every day. We stayed at two different places 15 minutes from the little town. It was impossible not to stay relaxed in these places. Firstly we stayed at Lunazul. We basically had a private beach together with another bungalow with guests. They cooked for us to a very reasonable price. This place was supernice!

The next place was equally nice. A bit bigger bungalow, bigger beach and a restaurant with an italian chef cooking just my style! He made us oven baked potatoes, grilled vegetables, pizza and home made pasta. I couldnt be happier. 

Sorry for all the beach pictures!!!

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