First impressions of San José

San José

Today we have been strolling around the city for 6 hours. It feels as if we have seen most of the central parts on San José. These are my first impressions of the city...

San Jose´s setting with the mountainous surroundings are absolutely beautiful. This is the rainy season and therefore the mountains are mostly covered with mist and clouds, but from what I can see plantations (probably of coffee) and steep dramatic hills hugs the capital and reminds me about the Costa Rican versatile landscape.

The Ticos we have met are incredibly friendly. Some of them spent more time helping us than needed really, just to make sure we were comfortable. Really made our first days in CR much easier!

Central San José is quite pedestrian friendly although the car drivers are a bit aggressive.


Sååå, jag tror minsann ni har sett allt nu!! Dags o komma hem? Pusspåer!
FinCarro! När kommer du hit?

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