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Antigua Guatemala

On Wikitravel we read about an organization called Niños de Guatemala. The organization runs schools for children of less priviledged socio-economic groups in two villages in Guatemala. As a way to fund the schools, they run tours for visitors to go to the schools and also learn about common professions of the parents. We thought this kind of tour is probably more interesting than with any tour company, and its nice to contribute to this NGO while also learning about everyday life in Guatemala!

Since we asked for a tour during Semana Santa, Easter week, the schools and several regular visits for the tour were closed. Luckily they arranged a special tour for us and the group of 10. Together we went to a coffin carpentry workshop, where I unfortunately did not photograph. We continued to a family´s house where we learned how to make maiz tortillas from three different kinds of maiz. Being a food and tortilla lover I really enjoyed this part, and the women teaching us were great! After this we met up with Manuel from De La Gente Coffe cooperative. He is a coffe grower and an entrepreneur growing organic coffee and selling it to coffee connoisseurs. He taught us the process of coffee production and roasting as well as brewing us some freshly roasted coffee.

This tour was a really special experience and a recommend anyone to visit both Niños de Guatemala tours and tours wit De La Gente, or donate or support them in other ways. 

De la Gente:

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