• The sun pyramid
  • The moon pyramid
  • View from the moon pyramid
  • View from the sun pyramid
  • View from the sun pyramid

Why Teotihuacán is an awesome place to visit

Mexico City

So we spend a full day at the ancient precolumbian city af Teotihuacán, 1 hour from Mexico city. This is why the place is an awesome destination:

  • The city was the largest of all cities in pre-columbian America, with a polulation around 125, 000.
  • The city was probably a multi-ethnic city, with for example Mayan, Nahua and Zapotec people.
  • When you walk the streets and climb the pyramids of Teotihuacán you can easily imagine the inhabitants walking around the squares and on the main street called "The street of the dead".
  • The pyramid of the sun is the third largest ancient pyramid in the world, which you can climb and se the entire city from above. 
  • There is also a small museum with a collection of cultural items found on the site, as well as a refreshing garden.

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