Casados and Sodas

Playa del Coco

Un casado is a typical meal in Costa Rica, eaten for lunch or dinner. This one is vegetarian, but the meal is usually served with chicken, beef or even sea food. It usually has plantains, rice, black beans and vegetables, sometimes tortilla, cheese and avocado. What I like about this dish is its simplicity. The flavors of every ingredient really comes forward.  One of my best friends once said her favorite meal was rice and beans, I had a really hard time to understand how these two could make an interesting combination. But it really does, the beans are delicious! I will have to find out how they make it...

We had this casado at Soda La Teresita in the heart of Playas del Coco. Sodas are a type of restaurant in Costa Rica where you will find typical Costa Rican food. This is the cheap option of eating out.

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