Liberia, a destination town


To make our trip from Playa del Coco to Arenal easier, we decided to stay one night in the town Liberia, the capital city of the Guanacaste region.

Liberia has some really nice streets with colonial houses. We stayed at one of these streets at a hotel called Hotel Liberia. Really cute hotel, just the perfect size, nice patio and in a beautiful colonial building.

Right next to the hotel, we found Cafe Liberia, also in gorgeous building with rustic patio and lots of organic ingredients in the menu.

To our surprise there was a evening celebration in the park (every city we have seen has a park and a church in the center of town). Lots of people gathered in the park to listen to live marimba music and to celebrate dia de las madres (which has been celebrated more or less since we came to Costa Rica and is officially on  august 15). This was a really nice surprise and we hung out in the evening, probably the only foreign tourists.

Liberia has a good feel to it, not touristic at all.


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