• Our new hammock on the side of the house
  • Path through the garden into town
  • View from the patio
  • In the hammock on the patio
  • The patio flooded when it rained a lot
  • Opossum baby on its way into the kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen window
  • Mandy <3

La Casa de Rolando

Puerto Viejo

A few weeks ago we left Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica and our great little house there. Even thought we are now in a different country, here comes a few pictures of that wonderful place where we spent four weeks.

In the back of the dense jungle garden of Rolandos place La Casa De Rolando is a green two room bungalow with a nice kitchen and a wonderful patio with a hammock. The outside space is where we spent most of our time, so much that we bought a second hammock so we wouldn't have to fight over the one that was already there.

The resident dog Mandy came by sometimes and kept an eye on us. The very dense garden was full of wildlife as well. We saw lots of birds, including plenty of hummingbirds swooshing through the kitchen and eating from the flowers outside the windows. Squirrels were constantly eating coconuts in the trees nearby or jumping on the roof. Under the roof and above the ceiling lived a small family of opossums. One of the baby opossums fell off its mothers back at one point and crawled into our kitchen. We had to help out a bit but eventually he found his way back to his mother.

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