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10 days and Christmas in Mazunte


Mazunte, only 10 minutes from Zipolite where we stayed for a month, is actually a lot different. To be honest we both liked the "feel" in Zipolite better, even though we had the most beautiful sunrises from our house and a somewhat more beautiful beach in Mazunte. Come Christmas the place became extremely crowded. We were trying for several days to find a place to stay over new years but everything decent was full. We were so lucky out former host Javier at Las Casitas had a spare room for us in Zipolite.

So the best of Mazunte.

I went to the Museum of Tortugas. I was a bit reluctant about the idea of a Museum with turtles, but Mazunte has a history of having their main income from selling turtle eggs and turtle meat, so the municipality has totally turned this trend and created conservation efforts, the museo being a part of it, so I wanted to support it.

The beach in Mazunte is so beautiful, we only had a 5 minute stair to go down to the beach. Yes we did spend a lot of time there. 

The Salvavidas, lifeguards volunteering everyday to make sure no one gets hurt in the water (both in Zipolite and Mazunte the waves were really rough) is a great effort.

Just a 20 minute walk west of the Mazunte there is a looooong white beach that was nearly empty. There were some sleepy hotels but few people. We found our own corner of the beach to hang out.

Since we had no kitchen in this place we went out for breakfast every day. I tried some real mexican breakfasts and I was not disapointed. Chilaquiles are crispy pieces of cornbread, (like swedish tortillachips) baked in the oven from the tortillas from the day before. They put a chili salsa on it and some fresh cheese. This was an extremely satisfying breakfast, if you can get used to a spicy one! I also had Enfrijoladas, basically tortillas with a black bean sauce poured over, and som fresh cheese and vegetables. Also very good with a fresh salsa! Omnooom.

There is a natural cosmetic products cooperative in Mazunte, very popular. I bought lots of things there, great products!

This was the first time in my life that I spent Christmas away from my family, which was a bit hard, but we had a very cosy unusual Christmas just the two of us. We went to the beach to watch the sunrise and swim, we had some half-successful skype calls with family, and in the afternoon we took a hike to Punta Cometa, the southernmost point in the region of Oaxaca with a beautiful view. For Christmas dinner we had TACOS and chocolate mousse! Yuuum!   

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