Cahuita National Park

Puerto Viejo

After the rain had thwarted our attempts to enjoy Cahuita National Park several times, we finally got to spend an entire day there! 

We walked the beautiful trail almost to the end, passing by beautiful beaches, dense jungle and small wetland areas along the way. The hike was quite easy, just a bit muddy in a few places. Flip-flops or sandals recommended. 

On the way we saw many animals. Two species of monkey, pizotes, squirrels, agoutis and lots of weird insects. We also saw the first sloths that we spotted by ourselves in the wild! A couple of three-toed sloths hanging around in a tree by the trail.

At the end we were rewarded with an amazing palm-fronted white-sand beach that we had pretty much to ourselves, and we stayed for a while to swim and eat lunch before strolling back. 

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