Climbing Cerro Chato (volcano)


Cerro Chato is an inactive volcano right next to Arenal volcano. Cerro Chato is available for climbing, since it has not erupted in 3,500 years and its is smaller than Arenal. Cerro Chato is covered with jungle and the crater holds a lagoon called Laguna Cerro Chato. 

We are not  used to this kind of hiking but we decided to give it a try to see the jungle and get adventurous.  Its was muddy, slippery, exhausting and wonderful! You cant get closer to the jungle and it feels really good to manage to the top. It took us almost one hour to climb, and the way back down was much easier. Its was a really misty day so couldn't see the laguna from the top, anyway it was nice!

On the way back we also saw a Catarata (waterfall), and the view of Arenal volcano in the mist, beautiful!


Härliga bilder! Trevlig resa imorgon!

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