Kayaking and biking on Ometepe island


As Erik still had the flu, me and Linnea took off alone from Granada for a short visit to Ometepe island.

We stayed in a jungle house close to the town Balgüe. The house had the most amazing view over the volcano Concepción. The remote location came with a surprise though, the largest spiders I have ever seen, in the house! Anyway it was not poisonous and  it was easily removed by our nice host (but we did make complete fools of ourselves jumping up on the bed and screaming in front of them, ahahaa).

We were definitely too ambitious planing to go by bike to Mérida (9 km from our house) for kayak, then bike to Ojo de Agua (another 10 km), then to a beach and back home for the sunset at our jungle house sunset. The heat (34 degrees Celsius)and rocky roads and hills made it impossible. We managed to Mérida for a kayak tour to check out the dried up river Istiam, then to the beach and back home 5 minutes too late for the sunset. Anyway we were exhausted and proud of ourselves to have managed 20 km on bike and 4 hours of kayaking!

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