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Manuel Antonio national park

Manuel Antonio (Quepos)

We have visited one of the worlds most impressive landscapes in Manuel Antonio national park, the flora and fauna did not disappoint us. For 16 $ you can spend the whole day, we spent 7 hours in the park without a guide. The trails are not very challenging. The infrastructure of the park is very well maintained and comfortable. The park has several beautiful viewpoints overlooking the beaches. We walked almost every trail and then relaxed and had lunch on the beach. The beaches are stunning and popular. Throughout the park we saw animals we have not seen before. Finally after three weeks in Costa Rica we saw Sloths, two adult and one baby.The white-headed capuchin monkeys were not shy and tried their best to find some food among the lunch-eating tourists. We also saw several spiders, frogs, agoutis, lizards and birds.

My advice to see as many animals as possible in the park:

Take your time, the animals will show up whenever they want to, so make sure you spend a lot of time in the park to spot as many animals as possible.

Take breaks, bring a lot of snacks and water and take breaks to keep your energy.

Listen to your surroundings, any irregular sound might be an animal sneaking around.

Look where other visitors look.

Keep down the volume, some animals will be scared when you speak loudly.

Bring binoculars! We did not, and most animals will keep a distance from you.

Go early in the morning.

Bring a good size lunch, you will be more hungry than you think!

Good luck!

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