• Riding bikes on the airstrip
  • At the boat taxi station
  • On the bus for 11 hours
  • Albrook bus terminal in Panama City
  • Our hotel room

From Bocas Del Toro to Panama City

Panama CityBocas Del Toro

We took the night bus from Almirante near Bocas del Toro to Panama City.

First we had to leave our wonderful house in Bocas del Toro by riding our bikes along the airstrip. (More on that later in another blog post). No ducking for planes this time.

Then we went for lunch, took a boat to Almirante, took a taxi from the boat to the bus-station and then the bus to Panama City for 11 hours. That's a long time on a bus, but it all went smoothly and we managed to sleep a little.

We now have a nice hotel room here with a small kitchen and we will stay for a week to do some sightseeing. It's nice to be in a big city after all this time in the jungle and on the beaches!

Trip info
  • The night bus left at about 6:45pm from Almirante, and the boat from Bocas Town left at 5pm.
  • We payed $40 pp for the whole trip.
  • We arrived in Panama City at 5:30am and had to wait for an hour before the sunday metro started going. Some cafés were open at the huge bus terminal.


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